Cake Decorating at Hawker

Here are a couple of other photos of my efforts at the CIT cake decorating course I just finished. (Update 28/06/11: I managed to find the link for the course – The instructor’s name is Adrian Volpatti, but he won’t be running another course until later in the year.

In the first week of class, we baked vanilla cupcakes and iced them with fluffy frosting. I dyed mine blue and experimented with a couple of different piping tips and ideas. None of them were fantastic, but they tasted yummy! Actually I really like one in the middle top, with the large star in the centre and seven smaller stars piped around it. The swirly star ones (top row, second from left) also look nice in their simplicity. The ones with the drizzled chocolate look horrible. I really need to practice that technique!

Cupcakes with fluffy white frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with fluffy frosting

In the second week, we brought in a pre-made sponge cake. We filled it with pastry cream mixed with whipped fresh cream, and iced it in a German buttercream. However I ended up with crumbs all through my icing, it looks kind of horrible. We ended up covering the whole thing in chocolate sprinkles. Very ugly, but delicious! Actually you couldn’t tell it was ugly once it was all sliced up. We also practiced making roses with buttercream/cream, but I just couldn’t get them to look any good!

In the third week, we experimented with fondant. We dyed the fondant with food colouring (I chose yellow, obviously), and made some fondant roses. Mine were not so great, so I tried making some figurines instead. I ended up making this fondant replica of my puppy Chloe. It even has her curly tail!

Fondant Chloe

Fondant Chloe

In the fourth class, we had to bring in a dense cake, either a fruit cake or a mud cake, for icing with fondant. I made a raspberry and chocolate mudcake, which was quite tasty. I also made chocolate marshmallow fondant, as I didn’t really like the taste of the store bought fondant. It was a little dry, next time I have to remember to add more vegetable shortening. We were supposed to bring in marzipan, but I didn’t so I had to use two layers of marshmallow fondant instead. Because it was a little dry, the surface was a little cracked, so the instructor Adrian told me to add a thin layer of the store bought fondant to get a nice, even and smooth finish. It was definitely much easier to work with than my homemade stuff, but I’m not comfortable using it as I don’t like the taste. I’ve read that you can ice the cake smoothly with buttercream first and then add the fondant, so I’m going to try that method next time I use fondant this way.

My original idea was to make the cake look like a chocolate box, perfectly covered in one colour fondant, then make a fondant lid with another colour, and maybe put a fondant bow on it or something simple like that. However I was way behind time, it took me ages to get my fondant layers on the cake and by the time it was nice and smooth, I only had a bit of fondant left.

So I decided I had to use what I already had, the fondant Chloe from the previous week. I wanted to put a few sets of small paw prints around one side of the cake, but the paws I made were way too big.

Raspberry and chocolate mudcake, take one

Raspberry and chocolate mudcake, take one

The final idea was to put candy raspberries around the edges. We drizzled melted chocolate all over the top for the cake, and I rolled out the yellow fondant and cut out small fluted circles for the raspberries to sit on. Fondant Chloe makes yet another appearance in the middle with her fondant bone.

Raspberry and chocolate mudcake, take two

Raspberry and chocolate mudcake, take two


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