Cake-related ideas…

It’s been rather quiet at work today, so I’ve been spending some time thinking about new cake ideas. I’m rather inspired by this cake by Wilton, the water looks super cool!

The Water's Fine!

The Water's Fine! by Wilton

But instead of a swimming pool, I want to make a lake with the Loch Ness monster. It should be a largish rectangular sheet or layer cake, sides iced either in green if I decide to add some grass and rocks around the edges, or blue if I decide to make it all water. On top of the blue buttercream, I’ll add some blue piping gel for that awesome water effect. The Loch Ness monster will either be made out of cake or fondant/chocolate, depending on its size. I also want to add scales all over Nessie kind of like this one I found via Google.

After my experimentation with store bought fondant and homemade marshmallow fondant, I’m still not that happy with using fondant, though I admit I should have a few more attempts with the homemade stuff before I write it off for good. Icing cakes with fondant gives this perfectly smooth surface that I just can’t obtain with buttercream, and I know that’s a skill that I’m going to want to use again sometime in the future. The marshmallow fondant tastes a million times better than the store bought fondant, so I’m going to have to try to make it again. However I can’t write off the bought stuff complete, as making figurines is definitely more suited to the store bought stuff, as it always the same density/texture. Besides, if they don’t get eaten it doesn’t really matter if they don’t taste good, right?

I’ve also been reading about modelling chocolate clay, which is an alternative to fondant for making figurines. It’s basically made by melting chocolate and adding corn syrup, then you knead it into a dough. Working in short spurts so that it doesn’t melt or get too sticky, you can model with it just like fondant. If it’s white chocolate clay, you can also colour it. I want to try it out for my Nessie cake, I’ll use it for the Nessie scales, and maybe some fish. I also like the idea of an overturned boat and a fisherman swimming for his life. As it’s pretty much just chocolate, it should mean the Nessie part of the cake should taste pretty good, instead of being ruined by the super-sweet fondant.

For the cake, I want it to be chocolatey, so I’m thinking Devil’s Food Cake. The buttercream icing will probably be cream cheese, but I’m not sure if those two flavours go together. Then again, red velvet is essentially chocolate with red food dye, and it goes wonderfully with cream cheese, so it should be fine. I need a light coloured icing so that I can tint it blue. I guess I could alternatively use a white chocolate buttercream if I decide that the icing should also be chocolate.

I’m psyched to try out this new cake idea! Maybe I’ll plan to make it this weekend! Although first I need to get a sheet pan, some piping gel, and figure out how to make the Loch Ness monster. Lots to do!


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