Shopping for cake decorating supplies

I have been spending a lot of time shopping for cake decorating supplies in these last few weeks. My favourite place in Canberra is Cooking Coordinates in the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. They sell a wide range of general tableware / cooking equipment, including KitchenAid accessories. They also have a decent range of cake decorating supplies, and offer cake tins for hire. But they are rather pricey… so as much as I like being able to see what I’m buying, I still prefer the convenience of shopping online.

I’ve been using Cake Decorating Solutions, which was formerly known as Bakery Sugarcraft. They’re based in Sydney, and I’ll have to make an effort to check out one of their stores next time I’m up there. They have a giant range of stuff, and it’s mostly cheaper than Cooking Coordinates, even after you include shipping. And they are pretty fast too, whichi s a bonus. I ordered some tints, a 8″ square cake tin, and some modelling tools on Wednesday at 3pm, and it was delivered on Thursday!

I’ve also used Baking Pleasures, which also has a pretty good range. I got the most adorable dinosaur chocolate moulds that I’ve yet to use. Maybe I’ll have to make a pre-historic cake for my chocolate dinosaurs!

Dinosour Silicone Chocolate Mould

Dinosour Silicone Chocolate Mould from Baking Pleasures


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