I’m bored at work today. The only thing I’ve got going on at the moment is trying to fix a problem in one of the many testing environments… but I have no idea what’s wrong. And I have no visibility of the error or the server, so it’s making it really hard to figure out what the problem is. But anyway.

I just did a Google search for “loch ness cake”, and my page is listed! Squee, it’s like I’m famous! This is almost as squee-worthy as the time I put my puppy Chloe on Wikipedia. Chloe is a “Jug”, which is what you get when you breed a Jack Russell Terrier with a Pug. She’s a short, stocky tank of a puppy that’s full of affection and energy. She’s both independent and needy, very food-driven and intelligent so she’s a joy to train. She’s just awesome! Sadly someone decided that a Jug isn’t a common enough cross-breed to be on the hybrid dog breeds page, and so both my addition to the page and her beautiful picture were removed.

Chloe the Super Jug

Chloe the Super Jug, from Wikipedia


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