RSPCA Cupcake Day is coming!

The annual RSPCA Cupcake Day is fast approaching, and I’m starting to think about what I want to bake and how I want to decorate my cupcakes.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Last year I baked two or three different flavours of cupcakes, about 50-60 cupcakes in total. I tried to be a little creative and made cat faces out of marshmallows, M&Ms and liquorice. They were pretty tasty.


This year I want to make even more cupcakes! This means that I’ve got to start my planning early, so I’m going to have a trial run this weekend for my decorating concepts. Which means that I have to come up with those concepts… now!

I think I will ice each cupcake with buttercream, either spread flat or piped in a swirl, and then just add a chocolate clay animal figurine on top. Because I want to make a heap of cupcakes, I have to stick to something that’s relatively easy to mass produce. The figurines can’t be too intricate or require too much time to make.

So far my ideas include:

  • Yellow rubber duckie style duck on blue buttercream, perhaps spread flat with a little blue piping gel
  • Brown puppy on green buttercream, perhaps spread flat with a little piped like grass on top. Most likely not completely piped like grass, because that would probably take too long to do
  • Orange cat on untinted buttercream, perhaps curled up on a chocolate clay square for a pillow
  • A mouse / rabbit / guinea pig
I probably won’t be able to do more than three or four ideas. I’m planning on starting the chocolate clay figurines once I get back from the in the first week of August, but chocolate clay keeps for ages so I probably could start earlier if I wanted to.
For cupcake flavours, I will probably go chocolate (or red velvet) and vanilla. I’d like to do something fruity, preferably banana, but bananas are really, really expensive due to the Queensland floods and various other natural disasters. So maybe I’ll stick to carrot instead. Which is totally not a fruit, but whatever.
If I go for four designs, I will probably also go for four flavours, so I’ll have to think about another flavour to make. I like the idea of lemon meringue cupcakes that were featured on Junior MasterChef last year, so maybe those will be good. Or perhaps some raspberry cupcakes with chocolate or cream cheese buttercream? Or orange and poppyseed, which I think is more common as a muffin than a cupcake.┬áSo many choices!

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