Welcome back

So I kind of forgot I had this blog. Over the past year I have started a few new blogs, mostly for photography projects. Only one of these was a success, the rest kind of fizzled and died along with my artistic inspiration. What can I say, I’ve never been the artistic or creative type.

Much of my life has changed since my last post last year, but much as stayed the same as well. I’m still with the same guy and the same dog, I still work in the same job. I still do the same things, which is pretty much nothing at all. The only thing that’s changed is that we are getting married in December, and as a result my life and my priorities have been revolving around this one day. A big day yes, an expensive day most definitely, but it’s still just one day.

Some of the changes have been odd and rather unlike me. I’m suddenly looking for solutions to make my nails longer and stronger, and my teeth whiter. I’ve become much better versed in wedding etiquette and look down in scorn at those who fail to RSVP. I keep multiple spreadsheets for various wedding things, like a guest list, a song list, a giant to do list, and yet I continue to forget things (actually that is very like me).

So much of my time these days is dedicated to wedding planning and preparation, all this work just for one day. Hopefully people will notice and comment on my efforts! I’m beginning to wonder what I will do to get through the work day once my wedding day has passed. I might actually have to do work!